Please switch between the tabs below to see the types of tickets available buy the ticket that applies to your needs

Coupon Codes will be sent by LES MILLS within 48 hours

Note #1: if you would like a discount but have not yet booked accommodation do that before buying your ticket, using the link below and then return here and use your coupon code at checkout.

Book accommodation at adams beach hotel

Note #2: if you have secured accommodation at the Adams beach hotel use only one of the coupon codes you will receive from within 24/48 hours this will allow for an additional discount. The COUPON code lOOKS like this lmlxxxX Please wait for the coupon code to arrive BEFORE purchasing your ticket

Note #3: if you cancel your accommodation after purchasing the ticket at a discounted price, we will be forced to request you pay the difference in order to be able to attend the event.
only people with accommodation at Adams beach hotel are eligible for discounted tickets.


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