Strength training has recently been crowned the most popular exercise in the world, mainly talked about by the younger generation who now represent 80% of fitness consumers.
It was in this context that LES MILLS designed STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT.
A series of 12x45-minute progressive workouts, designed to build your strength, power, and explosiveness in a group environment.

Who wants to test it out?? 🤩

What is the difference between LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT and BODYPUMP?

Both workouts are based on science-backed strength training theories. BODYPUMP focuses on high repetitions with lighter weights. The format and moves are set to work to the beat of the music.

LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT is progressive strength training, meaning each workout focuses on a specific training protocol for building strength over the 12 workouts. This ranges from Foundational Strength, to Hypertrophy, to Pure Strength, while the structure and feel is very different to BODYPUMP. The music is there to provide great workout tracks without moving to the beat. Instead, LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT uses Time Under Tension, as well as rep-ranges depending on the prescribed protocol of the workout.

Strength is the maximal force you can apply against a load. Training to improve muscle strength includes lifting weights or otherwise increasing the resistance against which you work.
When we talk about pure strength we refer to gym/weight lifting concept!


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